Great Opportunity to Change Academic Life

I am very pleased to write a recommendation letter and testimony for the Math Enrichment Tutor Center (Math ETC) located in Bowie, MD.  I have known of the Math Enrichment Tutor Center’s services for two years.  I have used their services for one year. The opportunity to have other students received tutoring from this facility may change their academic life. – Janis R

Exceptional Math and Reading Tutors

I have used Math ETC services consistently in math and reading for my three children, ages 11, 9 and 7 since its inception two years ago. The math and reading tutors are exceptional and are sincere in their desire to enable each child towards their full potential. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the progress I have and continue to see in my children. – Yemi A

Improved Math Grades

I just finished my weekly session in pre-algebra today. It was really helpful. Because of participating in this program, my math grades have improved majorly. I have learned many things, some things that are above my grade level. I am so glad my teachers have seen my potential and now I am able to take advanced math next year! – Dedi F.

Helpful and Meaning Full Tutoring Center

Math ETC, is one of the most helpful and meaning full tutoring center that I have ever been to. Before I went to Math ETC, I could not read a chapter book, in the third grade!  After going to both their amazing spell read program and math program, I have improved tremendously, and I am now going to Sidwell Friends School. So I would recommend Math ETC to any student who has difficulty in a subject because the tutoring from Math ETC can make a huge change. – Caleb T.

Impressive Instruction and Teaching Style

I started with this center 6 years ago and I have been very pleased with the passionate instruction and teaching style. My children will not be where they are today if not for their support. They are truly a gift to my family – Elizabeth S.

Excel at Top with Math ETC

I received numerous services from this center, from exam tutorial, to aftercare services and parent’s connection on better education for their children the service received are endless.

Math ETC is a great place for your child to acquire the knowledge needed to excel as the top in his/her class. Most importantly, the owner is great and very knowledgeable about her product. I will send my kids over, and over again. Thanks Maths ETC for your service. – Doyin B.

Amazing Experience

Math ETC, has been an AMAZING experience for me as well as my friends and family that I have sent there. Their extremely professional and safe atmosphere is what had kept my family and I there for 5 years. Since day one of Math ETC, there has been a perfect balance of fun and learning. With ranging topics from Sciences to Test Prep, Math ETC, has been the PERFECT one stop shop for me. I would completely recommend their services of before and aftercare as well as camps to any parents or child. I am still amazed that they are able to grow so much in only 5 years and become a center that trains children for the future.

– Chiamaka T.

Solution to Problems

Math Enrichment is one of the best places I have ever been for learning and play. It has just the right balance of play and work. It was a one stop shop, for me and my 2 siblings. My family always seems to be running to a sports game or rushing to a piano class. When my mom figured out about the center, I was able to come here with my siblings and know were going to do everything. My mom or dad could ever take us to in an hour, with a lot less travel time. I have been able to grow and develop at the center in math and reading. To top that off they offer Homework help so I never come home stressed or confused about a problem. Math ETC has been the solution to my problems. My school and my grade’s agree. This one stop shop is the best place I could ever go. Thank you so much Math Enrichment , especially the staff that is always willing to help me, no matter what. – Joshua S.

Become a Better Student

As a student, I have been coming to Math ETC Learning Center for 5 years, and they have helped my reach my goal of going to Sidwell Friends School. I will soon be taking a SAT test Prep class and I am confident that my scores will be high. This experience has allowed to me to become a better student and help those around me. I hope to volunteer during the summer to build up my business and teaching skills, due to their very professional atmosphere. My experience has been amazing and I would recommend Math Etc, to any person looking for help in Math, English, Science, Music and much more. – Ellie I.

Excellent Facilities

I have been in Math ETC since before it was in its new building and it is experience that I have fond memories of. The facilities are excellent, from the front desk to the back of the day care center, and to go along with those excellent facilities are even better staff members. Math ETC was and is a place of learning that can bring children to higher plateaus of knowledge. – Alex E.

Academic Excellence

I recommend Math ETC to the fullest. the atmosphere is structure for academic excellence. Nevertheless, the instructors truly care about their students with passion without effort its completely natural relationship between students and instructors.

– Ade A.