SSAT and ISEE Preparation

When applying for admissions to independent schools and boarding schools, it is common for students to be asked to take standardized tests such as the SSAT and ISEE test. For many students, these tests are their first exposure to what is considered to be high stakes testing. For this reason, it is normal for parents and students to both feel anxious and uncertain about the outcome of the exam.


Benefit from Complimentary Practice Tests:

Math ETC Learning Center offers multiple opportunities for you to take advantage of complimentary practice tests that will improve your child’s familiarity and comfort with their specific test. Our practice tests are official and designed to assess your child’s potential performance as they prepare for the actual test day. There are several ways to arrange for your practice test that allow you to select the best one for your child’s needs.

Our one-on-one and group courses involve guidance to help relieve the stress felt by both parents and students while also increasing confidence so that every student can achieve their fullest potential on testing day. After practicing during our SSAT/ISEE prep course, students will know exactly what to expect on their big day and view the actual test as a chance to show off to everyone what they have learned.

At Math ETC Learning Center, we know that age makes a big difference in a child’s learning style. For this reason, we would never tutor a younger child using the same techniques as a high school student. Instead, our preparations involve using a world-class curriculum that specifically targets the concepts covered by the ISEE and SSAT. We also hand pick our tutors for their high level of qualifications and ability to work with their specific age group. In addition to providing each student with a personalized plan of attack for the test, we also take a strong academic approach that promotes curricular achievement. In our SSAT prep course students improve their vocabulary along with their basic reading and comprehension skills while learning how to write a clear and comprehensive essay. They also improve problem solving and computation skills in math.

Our trained education professionals have devoted many hours to developing our current ISEE and SSAT curriculum to ensure that every student, regardless of their ages and abilities will thrive. You can call us today to register your child for a complimentary SSAT or ISEE diagnostic test that will help you find out what to do to improve their scores and alleviate the stress associated with the test. Over the years, we have helped many families handle obstacles such as test anxiety that impact their outcomes. Today, our program directors use their expert knowledge to create a testing plan this is perfect for your child and provide answers to any questions you have about how Math ETC test preparation is different from other types of test prep strategies.

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