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I love Math ETC. they are so professional I love them.

Latoya A. Benson, Branded 1428

Math ETC Learning Center

Latoya A. Benson, Branded 1428

I love Math ETC. they are so professional I love them.
Math ETC Learning Center
Middle School Tutoring

Middle School Students Tutoring Program


Math becomes a challenging subject for middle school students who are often unable to concentrate and focus on the topic. Students in middle school are frequently distracted, and if they miss out on an important concept, then they become more lost in math class. Mathematical concepts become more difficult in high school, and the high school students who floundered during middle school are not able to cope with the higher-level math skills.

Rather than waiting until your child is failing in math class, choose to provide individualized attention with a Math ETC middle school math tutor. A few hours of tutoring now can help your middle school child to build their mathematical skills to improve his or her grades today while helping them to understand the more difficult concepts of high school classes in a few years.

There is no reason to worry about learning math because Math ETC is ready to help your middle school child today. Your child will learn the formulas and concepts that are required to move from one type of mathematics to another. If your child has an opportunity to understand his or her math assignments now, then they will have a stronger foundation in mathematical concepts and be prepared for high school.

How to Help Your Child with His or Her Middle School Math Tests
If your child is struggling to understand their math homework assignments or tests, then it is time to hire a Math ETC middle school math tutor. A tutor can give your child a head start on building new math skills in order to cope with future challenges. Our tutoring programs are individualized to ensure each child can learn at their own pace, and our tutors fill in the missing gaps to help them conquer math.

We begin our program with a comprehensive academic evaluation to understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths. With this information, we devise a tutoring program that will meet your child’s specific requirements while allowing them to learn at their own pace. Our tutors can help your child to complete math homework and prepare for quizzes and tests. In addition, we provide individualized math tutoring that is designed to improve a child’s confidence level and grades.


Your child will most likely master the higher science concepts during middle school. As your child progresses, the science classes he or she will encounter along the way are sure to become increasingly more challenging through the years. From science concepts to math equations, you may notice your child falling behind in chapter studies, homework assignments and lab reports.

If your child is struggling with middle school science, Math ETC tutoring is ready to help. Our tutors are knowledgeable and trained to offer tips on getting your child to understand the concepts of science. The material learned will also help as they further their education into high school, college and beyond.

How to Get Started with Middle School Science Tutoring
Math ETC middle school science tutoring offers a personalized program for students where they will be able to master their science skills. Through our academic evaluation process, we will be able to observe your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will better help us tailor the right tutoring plan to meet your child’s needs and set to their own pace. To make the learning process exciting, our science lessons are performed in a fun environment that allows them to grow their self-confidence and get better grades.


Middle school students will also have increasingly demanding books to read in their literature, history and science classes, and this is also a time when your adolescent child is going through numerous other changes. Middle school curriculum is more difficult, and your child will need additional time to learn reading concepts that are essential for success in every subject. When your child is falling behind in their middle school level reading skills for any reason, then being able to complete homework assignments or receive adequate scores on quizzes and tests is challenging. This is a good time for your child to enjoy the benefits of Math ETC middle school reading tutoring several times a week.

Our tutors can help your child understand the meaning and usage of new vocabulary words rather than simply memorizing a word and its definition. In addition, a tutor can help your child to read a book in any subject while comprehending its meaning in order to discuss the information with classmates or to complete a test. When you notice that your middle school child is struggling to read textbooks or literature, then seek help today to ensure that they are more successful in middle and high school.


Writing skills are just as important as math and reading skills, and our middle school tutoring services can help your child master new writing concepts so that they can write better. Today, more middle school students are lagging behind in their writing skills because they use social media and texting lingo, making it more difficult for them to use standard writing skills. With tutoring in writing, your child can develop a stronger foundation in grammar, punctuation and composition. Learning how to write is vitally important for high school and college entrance examinations, and our tutors can help your child to improve their writing style in order to write research papers or essay answers.

How to Get Started with Middle School Writing Assistance
No matter if your child is having difficulties solidifying their writing skills or they’re looking to strengthen the skills that they already have, Math ETC is the ideal solution to your child’s learning needs.

Math ETC begins the process by diagnosing your child’s strengths and weaknesses with a thorough academic evaluation. Based on the outcome, the tutoring program will then be designed around your child’s own specific needs and at their own managed pace. We’ll devise a specific plan where your student can better organize their thoughts and learn how to clearly put them down on paper. All this is done simultaneously while boosting their self-confidence, academic skills, and grades.


In order for your child to enjoy success in school, they are going to have to adopt excellent study habits. As your middle school child moves toward a heavier work load at school and are met with greater demands, they’ll need to master their time management, organization, note-taking and research skills. If you notice your child struggling to keep up with their school work flow, Math ETC Study Skills Tutoring can boost their study skills.

We’ll teach them methods focused on keeping up with homework assignments, special projects and test taking strategies. The lessons learned will also help prepare them for future demands they may encounter in high school, college, and beyond. When your child is taught good study habits early on, this can open the door to a host of future opportunities that can take them far into their adulthood. They’ll also learn how to deal with problems in a less stressful and more controlled environment.

The following are tutoring topics that can help improve their study skills:

  • Organization
  • Study techniques
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Note-taking
  • Outlining
  • Reference skills

How to Get Started with Middle School Study Skills Tutoring
If you see your child floundering in class, having difficulties keeping up with homework or their grades are below average, you don’t want to wait a moment longer. Our personalized tutoring programs can help set them down the right path to building stronger study habits. Our thorough academic evaluation will allow us to determine your child’s strength and weaknesses. We’ll then be able to customize the right tutoring program based on your child’s needs and set it at the right learning pace. Your child will be able pick up study habits that allows them to properly prepare for tests and quizzes and stay on top of their homework assignments. Our personalized tutoring program can also help them perform at a high level by building their self-confidence and boosting their grades.