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SAT / ACT Preparation

The age-old nemesis of high school students is the SAT/ACT. Each year, thousands of students take the standard SAT/ACT in hopes of getting into the college of their dreams. With expert, personalized instruction and proven test strategies, our goal is to help students maximize their scores and get into the college they desire.

What to Expect

  • 12, 24, or 36 hours of direct classroom instruction
  • Full-length diagnostic tests
  • Prep course handbook
  • Supplemental exercises & practice problems
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Optimal student:teacher ratio of no more than 8:1

SAT Prep Courses

The SAT tests students on three important subject areas (Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics). The SAT is a challenging test for several reasons. The Reading section tests students’ stamina as well as their abilities to understand a variety of passage types and vocabulary concepts. On the Math section, test takers must navigate through a number of concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry combined with problem-solving techniques. And the Writing section tests students on grammar and usage concepts as well as timed writing abilities.

On average, students who take our SAT prep course increase their test scores by over 200 points! That’s because our classes combine expert materials with in-person instruction by dedicated instructors to deliver information in a way that students understand, helping students boost their scores and confidence. Our SAT prep courses are held in small, personalized group sessions at our center in Bowie, Maryland or individual sessions In-Home or via Skype.

Advanced Curriculum
Students’ work from our SAT prep workbook, a carefully crafted curriculum of SAT strategies, practice exercises, homework assignments, and vocabulary assessments designed to cover every facet of the test. We also provide supplemental exercises to help students target individual test areas and improve specific SAT skills.

ACT Prep Courses

All colleges accept the ACT as part of their standardized test measure meaning more and more students are taking it. Why not hone your English, math, reading, and science aptitude and excel? The ACT is offered to and mainly taken by juniors. You can repeat the exam in the fall of your senior year to improve your test scores.

At Math ETC, our programs include individualized instruction in our state-of-the-art tutoring facility where students take at least one full-length proctored exam, homework to help their understanding, and have regular conferences to go over progress. All our programs are guaranteed to help you gain confidence in your own abilities and test-taking skills, increase your preparation, and achieve the highest scores possible, allowing your dream colleges to be within reach.

Our premier program is tailored to the individual student, accounting for his needs and goals. This is our most thorough program available with the curriculum and timeline tailored to meet personal goals and needs. Students can choose to work in all subjects or focus on their weakest subjects.

The 36-hour program is intended for students with a time-crunch who want to focus on all subject areas. Included in the thirty-six hours are nine hours of practice tests and personalized instruction in all testing subject areas. If students want to focus on one subject and have very limited time to prepare, the 12 or 24-hour program is ideal for them.

To get started, please call or register online and begin your college application process with your best foot forward. Let Math ETC help you reach your full potential!

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