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Quality Tutoring for every subject and skill level

Math ETC Learning Center provides quality instruction on a personal level to students of all grades and abilities. Our qualified instructors are passionate about their subject expertise and connect with every student. Their passion and love for learning is infectious and helps your child develop an appreciation for learning, resulting in higher scores and increased success

How it Works:

Knowledge + Confidence = Better Grades = Satisfied Clients tell others

  • Diagnostic Assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses.

  • Customized Instruction Plan to maximize instruction.

  • One-on-one instruction to connect with each student.

  • Session reports to engage parents and guardians.

  • Students attain 100% Mastery and build confidence.

Get Tutoring at all stages of your school:






Diagnostic Assessment

Our qualified tutors will provide needed assistance for students on homework and related school assignments (K-12).

Our homework help program will pair your student with a highly qualified tutor/ instructor via Zoom. Through the 30 min 1-on-1 session, the tutor will provide explanations and assistance to your child as they tackle their homework or classwork assignments.

Additional information regarding this program is COMING SOON.

Reading Intervention

Could it be that your child struggles with school? Certainly every child has trouble with homework from time to time, but if a certain area of learning is consistently difficult, it might point to a learning disorder.

By being knowledgeable about all you can about learning disabilities, you can make sure your child gets the adequate help to overcome classroom challenges and be successful in life

Do you observe he or she is avoiding reading out loud, tackling a math problem, or writing an essay?

Does your child struggle with Reading? SpellRead is a gold-standard reading program that focuses on phonological automaticity and reading fluency for struggling readers. Backed by independent research, SpellRead combines intensive phonemic and phonetic activities with a language arts program to build students’ reading comprehension, fluency, decoding, spelling and writing strategies!

Learn more about Learning Gaps and Learning Disabilities in sections below



Test Prep

There are multiple options in Bowie Maryland for test preparation but Math ETC has a proven record of enhancing students’ focus and scores. Whether you are looking to take the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, or any other practice test, our professional tutors are willing and able to help.

Don’t let your standardized test score limit the colleges you can choose from

Test scores should not be the reason you cannot attend the school of your dreams, so come in today to begin your child’s preparation for success! A higher test score is only a few hours of studying away; let’s work together to make their reach school a reality.

With decades of proven excellence, Math ETC has adequately prepared students by enhancing their test-taking strategies, time-management skills, and academic knowledge, while teaching the art of remaining calm under pressure. Our highly trained tutors work directly with students to improve skills on all parts of standardized tests – making your dream school a reality


We Help Your Child Get Into Their Dream College With Personalized Test Prep and Tutorial


Pass Your HSPT Test Today With Our Practice Tests & Study Guides


Improve Scores. Get the prep you need to Boost Your Confidence to Ace the Tests

PSAT / PSAT (8/9)

Get the prep you need to ace these exams in your sophomore and junior year!

Before and Aftercare

A safe learning environment for K-8th grade

A safe learning environment for your child

  • Mandatory Study Hall to complete school assignment and build study skills

  • Access to qualified K-12 instructors in most subjects

  • State of the art computers to improve technology skills.

  • Academic Support at your fingertips. Students can attend Math/Reading based on selected plan.

We harness the power of camaraderie to motivate your student

We provide an environment that is conducive for learning and encourages every student to focus on their schoolwork, master the concepts and reach for excellence in math, language arts and more. Students interact with each other and realize that learning is fun. At the end of the day, students participate in clubs such as Board games, computer games, Dance, Arts and more. Our on- site clubs are designed and supervised by our staff. We strive to create positive experiences to keep everyone engaged and happy!

Personalized Tutoring and Enrichment

Students who desire to have an edge can select any of our one-on-one Tutoring Plans: Basic (12hrs), Standard (24hrs) and Intensive (36hrs). Their sessions will be scheduled one or twice a week based on their academic needs. We will also match them with the best tutor for them. We hope every student takes advantage of the academic support available to them.





Summer Camp

A wholistic experience that challenges the students to grow in all aspects of their life: intellectual, character, sports and arts

The camp experience provides every student an opportunity to meet new people, enriching their experience and network. Serving over 75 students we strive for an academic standard that is global in its approach allowing students to transport their knowledge to most fields of life.

A safe learning environment for your child

Since 2010…Math ETC has been devoted to helping students bridge the academic gap with learning programs inside and outside the classroom.

Our summer camp is carefully crafted with themes that build background knowledge in all areas of life. 

Summer at Math ETC provides a quality well -crafted program that develops teamwork, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving environment.

Join us for a summer to remember…

Session I

Air and Space: Learning in Math and Reading with themed Field trips + a day at the splash park!

Session 2

Animal Planet: Learning in Math and Reading with themed Field trips + a day at the splash park and the Zoo!

Session 3

Deep Sea Adventures: Learning Component in Math, Reading, Vocabulary words with themed Field trips + a day at the splash park!

Session 4

Sports Adventures, Learning Component in Math, Reading with themed Field trips + a day at the splash park!

Post Camp

Week before school begins. Students engage in activities to prepare for the school year.

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