What Makes A Good Bowie Tutor?

Students considering college might find themselves feeling stressed about their grades while

another might be struggling to keep up in one subject may consider working with a tutor in Bowie.  A tutor provides the individual attention to achieve results and there are some traits to look for that make a good tutor.

Part of a Team

Parents want their student to succeed. Find a tutor who sits down with the parents and the student. Conduct a thorough interview to determine a mutual goal. Questions they should ask are what are the students weaknesses and strengths from the perspective of the parents as well as the student. Each person has a different style of learning and this information will assist the tutor to achieve the best results.

A Good Foundation

Working one on one, the tutor will determine what pieces are missing in the student’s foundation of their knowledge and help increase their understanding in those areas. A good tutor will monitor the students increasing comprehension as their work together progresses. As the student’s confidence in their abilities grows it often ignites a newfound  curiosity about something they struggled with previously.

Study Skills

Often sitting down to study can be very overwhelming for some students. The tutor can help the student learn how to study and use their time wisely. As their work progresses the goal should be to have the student capable of doing well without help. To achieve this, their one on one sessions should focus on study habits as much as the curriculum to instill the student with the confidence to work independently.

Whether it’s help improving grades for college, maybe one subject you are struggling with, or you’re returning to school, a tutor who is caring and invested can help the student develop the skills to achieve their dreams.

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