Our Team

Our Team of Instructors

Johanna I

Math, Reading and Science Instructor. With over 35years of teaching experience, she brings her passion and wealth of experience to every student she meets. Degrees: B.SC Biochemistry, MBA, MDIV, PMP,

Alex J. H

PhD Physics. Loves long distance running & digital photography. “The greatest attribute a person may have is determination.”

Banks A.

Physiology and Neurobiology Major. “What is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

Ariel B.

Vanita M.

Alexandria A.

Taylor J.

Marina K.

Math Instructor

Tameisha W.

B.S. Psychology. Loves shopping & aromatherapy. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Andrew N.

B.A. Psychology, Minor in Religious Studies. Loves Cooking. “If you’re not different, you’re not needed.”

Fola A.

PhD Organization and Management. Loves watching basketball. “Don’t leave till tomorrow what can be done today.”

Jose R.

Darlene Bright

SpellRead Instructor

Charnee Bowens

SpellRead Instructor

MaryBeth Wertime

SpellRead Instructor

Ron Akins

Modupe E.

Gloria V.

SpellRead Instructor

Michaela K.

Tolu Crystal O.

B.S. Child & Adolescent Studies. Loves to spend time with family & friends and go out to eat

Cymona E

Yeti O

Effie J.

Rainier B

Shawn P

Ben A

Ethan G

Raya Y.