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High School Placement Test Preparation

The High School Placement Test – or HSPT – is a private school entrance exam. It is nationally recognized, accredited and available to students interested in attending private school. The examination entails the following topics: language, verbal skill, vocabulary, quantitative skills, mathematics and reading comprehension.

What makes Math ETC Learning Center the choice for HSPT preparation?
Math ETC Learning Center offers effective and efficient private school test preparation not available anywhere else. Courses are taught by experienced instructors ready to provide a personalized experience.

Students will take a number of actual full length HSPT examinations, both in and out of class. Every test will be analyzed to find each participant’s weaknesses and strengths. Course materials will include the Math ETC Learning Center manual filled with strategies, tips and tricks.

For an affordable charge, both in person and phone support is available for tutoring during and after taking the Math ETC Learning Center course. Many of students have used the Math ETC Learning Center to successfully pass the HSPT and get into the private school of their choice.

It is advised that students take advantage of HSPT preparation courses to ensure they are ready for this all-important test. To shorten your search for information, read below some common questions about the HSPT.

How long is the HSPT?
With breaks, the exam can take up to three hours to complete.

What’s the best time to register for the exam?
Registration is managed by individual schools. Contact the one you are interested in to find out when you should register. You should also look into Math ETC private school test preparation so that you give yourself sufficient time to study under experienced hands.

When and where can one take the HSPT?
There is no structured administration for the exam. The private school you want to apply to will have this information.

How would I register?
Registration is handled by the individual private schools. Contact an administrator at the school you are interested in to get this information.

What is the cost for taking the HSPT?
Typically, the cost of the exam will be included in the application fee. But this is not always the case. There are schools that will charge a one-time fee to take the exam. Fees can vary, so it’s best to contact the school to find out what the fee is and how it will be paid.

How long after taking the HSPT will it be before I get my scores?
This varies from school to school. You will have to contact the school to find out when scores may be available.

Can I take the HSPT multiple times?
Most schools will only allow you to take the HSPT once. While there may be schools that let you take the exam again, it is recommended you only take the exam once. According to the Scholastic Testing Service, taking the test more than once will not help your chances. Even if you do better the second time, guidelines require the lower score be used.

If you take a private school entrance exam preparation course, you decrease the chances you’ll need to take the test more than once.

What is considered a good score?
An average score is 600 points and up, putting the student above the 80th percentile, but each individual school has their guidelines for a desirable score.

Is there a specific time I should start preparing for the HSPT?
Every private school has its own application process and exam schedule. Check with your private school of choice to see when the application process begins. You should plan to prepare for the exam at least two months in advance. This gives you time to sign up for Math ETC HSPT preparation and gives you plenty of time to study and practice.

How much math will I need before I start preparing for the HSPT?
You should have a basic understanding of mathematics in general, but Math ETC will cover arithmetic, elementary algebra, and basic geometry.

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