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How To Prepare For A Test

If you or your child gets nervous about taking tests or exams in school here in Bowie, there are things you can do to prepare yourself. This is a useful guide for some things to help you get ready.

Got to bed early That way your body gets the correct amount of sleep to perform and be rested the next day. Eat a wholesome, light dinner, one suggestion is fish which is high in Omega Fish Oil and easy to digest before falling asleep.

Wake up nice & early You want to be sure to get there early so set your alarm to give yourself plenty of time and you won’t feel rushed or stressed.

Have a healthy nutritious breakfast Steer clear of foods heavy in saturated fats or
cereals that are high in sugar content. Refresh yourself with a glass of milk, juice or water
but don’t drink all of them, go easy on your stomach.You need to ensure you consume
foods that will keep your energy levels up and body functioning until the exam is over.
Study by using flashcards before the exam Or read over some quotes or formulas
depending on whether you are writing a Math, Science or English exam, the most
important thing is to keep calm.

Relax Being flustered is not going to help you, you’ve done your preparation and there’s
not much you can do now.

Ensure you have all the necessary supplies Prior to the exam make sure you have pens,
sharpened pencils and a calculator depending on which exam your are writing.
Start by writing down key points You may want to write formulas on a spare piece of
paper or jot down quotes or material reference for an English exam.

Pace yourself Start strong and finish the same way, be sure to read all the questions
before you answer them.

Learn more about the types of test we can help prep your child for on our test prep services webpage.

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