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How To Guess on ACT Or SAT Test

Unlimited time would be nice in allowing students a chance to thoroughly read each question so they can produce a better test score. The SAT or ACT standardized tests however have a timed element so some guessing will provide a chance to score higher since incorrect answers don’t count against the final mark. Tests where you can study differ from the SAT or ACT so there are ways to guess to improve your results.

Multiple Choice

Is it possible that a certain letter in multiple choice answers is used more frequently than others, maybe the letter C as we’ve been told. Instead of trying to keep to some sort of pattern, your chances of just guessing and varying your answers are probably just as good.

Make an Educated Guess

By reading over the material you may be able to determine the correct answer based on the way it’s used in the question. The process of eliminating the answers that you know to be wrong and the ones that make the least sense you will be left with what sounds right to you.

Ask Yourself These Questions

After reading over the question does it seem hard or unfamiliar based on what you know? If the answer is no then go ahead and solve it. If the material is unfamiliar are there any clues you can use in the question? Sometimes our instincts can be useful. Should this be the case try to solve it, don’t take too much time over any question however, circle it and move on.

When you’ve answered all those questions that are quick and easy for you go back and try to solve the ones you’ve circled. The key is not to dwell on any one question too long, move along quickly and if you run out of time by all means guess!
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