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Elementary School Tutoring

We have professional instructor-led courses in the following areas:

  • Math
    • Grade 1 – 5
  • Language Arts
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Writing Skills
    • Vocabulary and Root Words

During the elementary years, math is focused on building a solid foundation upon which children can grow in later years. This strong foundation is necessary to function effectively in society. Beginning in the early elementary years, math is seen as fundamental to a child’s overall success in academia later in life. It is to be viewed as a bridge to achievements to future achievements.

Not every child sees math as an easy subject, however. Many students struggling with basic fundamentals of math can lead to anxiety on the part of both student and parent. Students who struggle in math may find that they quickly fall behind the pace of the other students, further adding to their level of frustration. Tutoring can help.

If elementary math is causing you some problems, Math ETC elementary math tutoring can help. Each of our tutors is specially trained to help children grasp the essential fundamentals of math. Our program encourages your child to view math as an exciting part of life, and our tutors will help to build up the confidence level of your child. We often notice that our students begin to demonstrate a love for math that was never exhibited before, and this is certainly a positive development!

Your child might just be starting out on the path to reading and is already demonstrating signs of struggle, or you might just want to develop the skills that your son or daughter already possesses. Whatever the case might be, our individualized approach to reading is the perfect solution. Reading is fundamental to life and we want to help children master this skill on their own time and in their own way, at their own pace. Our goal is to help foster a lifelong passion for reading through a gentle and non-judgmental approach.

We help to build a strong foundation for reading that is grade appropriate and develops alongside your child. A Math ETC elementary reading tutor will help to build skills in the following areas:

  • Letter formation
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Sound recognition
  • Reading rate
  • Sight words
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Reading comprehension
  • Retaining details
  • Grasping the main idea

It is important to master spelling skills in order to improve fluency in the areas of reading and writing. This also serves to enhance reading and vocabulary comprehension. Learning how to spell properly can help solidify the connection between sounds and their corresponding letters. Learning to identify sight words that appear frequently in the English language will help improve reading and writing skills. As such, we work to build skills in the following areas:

  • Syllabication
  • Plural words
  • Word endings
  • Compound words
  • Phonetic rules

Individuals who possess a strong vocabulary base become better readers and writers. Children who learn to read effectively will not struggle when unfamiliar words are encountered. Effective writers will be able to express their feelings and desires more eloquently. We build skills in the following areas:

  • Homonyms
  • Multiple word meanings
  • Contextual understanding
  • Word meaning
  • Word recognition

Simply put, phonics refers to the special relationship that exits between letters and sounds. This is a fundamental building block that leads to better reading and spelling ability. When a child can understand word and letter combinations based on sound, he or she can then begin to decode the meaning of words. Math ETC elementary tutoring will help students build skills in the following areas:

  • Letter recognition
  • Blends
  • Diphthongs
  • Digraphs
  • Vowels
  • Consonants

An essential skill that all children need to participate in is writing. It’s important that they develop a foundation in writing so that it’s easy for the student to effectively communicate his or her own ideas. Watching your child struggle to communicate through writing isn’t easy. Call us for help.

Math ETC is here to assist frustrated students that have difficulties building important writing skills, such as forming sentences and paragraphs, composing narratives, and forming concise descriptions. Our tutors teach the basics and emphasize the importance of conveying ideas effectively while following proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization rules.

Skills offered in our writing tutoring program focus on the following:

  • Proper word capitalization
  • Punctuation usage
  • Grammar rules
  • Writing full, correct sentences
  • Paragraph construction

Getting started in our writing tutoring program
Our specialized tutoring programs help children build basic writing skills, or you may want a tutor to help build from the skills they have already learned. Each student is provided with an individualized solution to help them become a strong writer through our program. Strengths and weaknesses are assessed through an initial academic evaluation so that we can tailor the ideal program to your child’s needs. The pace of learning will cater to their most ideal learning situation to ensure full understanding. Our goal is to guide your student to use writing as a way to organize thoughts, and to also have the ability to write his or her own ideas down on paper. As they develop their skills, they are going to gain more confidence and ultimately improve their grades in school.

Success in school starts with the development of strong study skills at an early age. Children that are struggling often lack the tools to collect and organize important information. Building study skills in elementary students is essential to working effectively throughout their entire school career. It has been shown to ease the stress of students when they feel that they have control of their own success.

Most children do not find that study skills come naturally, so it must be taught. Our tutors educate students on ways to take good notes, manage time, and develop the habits for success in school. Study skills are actually useful beyond school years so it’s vital that this tool is learned and mastered by all students.

Skills we offer to students in the study skills tutoring program include:

  • Use of the dictionary and other reference guides
  • Time management and organization
  • Creating outlines

Getting started in the study skills tutoring program
Pay attention to your child’s grades and recognize the signs that your child is struggling with homework or can’t seem to keep up with the class. Improve their school experience by enrolling your student in our individualized tutoring program so that they can develop strong study habits. After an academic evaluation, we can create an effective tutoring program based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Your child will learn to manage their assignments and prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests to improve their grades and confidence.

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