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Does My Child Need A Tutor?

Kids in all grades have become increasingly likely to have a private tutor, but in reality only a handful of students in any given class actually needs one. Here’s how you can determine whether your child needs a tutor.

If Your Child Has Suddenly Started To Struggle With Their School Work, Consider Potential Reasons Why

A child who previously was able to keep up with school or even excel in it might have a reason for the sudden change that you are unaware of. This could include not getting enough sleep, some change in the classroom that has affected their ability to learn, or an excessive amount of after-school activities.

If any of these may be the culprit, focus on these concerns before you consider getting a tutor. If not, then it could be time to talk to your child’s teacher who could arrange for your child to get extra help during school hours or suggest a tutor in Bowie.

Don’t Rush Too Quickly To Hire A Tutor To Get Your Child In Advanced Programs

Parents can feel that it is necessary for their child to excel at advanced studies from a young age, but hiring a tutor for this purpose can put a lot of pressure on kids. To become obsessed with grades is not beneficial for you or for your child.

In reality, the best way to enable your child to do well in advanced school work is to get them excited about learning. This could be by taking them to educational exhibits at museums and making regular outings to the library with them. Then, they will be able to start developing interests in a variety of subjects, which could make them want to get more out of their education.

Do Consider A Tutor If A Single Subject Is Difficult For Your Child

If your child struggles in just one area, such as math or writing, a tutor in Bowie likely could be the best option. We have tutors available to provide support with all subject areas–contact us to learn more.

What Does Your Child Need: Intervention, Tutoring Or Enrichment?

Intervention programs are the best option for students who are about 2 or more years behind in Math or Reading. A good intervention program has a beginning and an end it is research based and proven. Most intervention program have been reviewed by an independent body like the Department of Education to confirm its effectiveness.

Tutoring is recommended for students who struggle in a certain area of their academic work. They may need support for 3-6months and then they are able to work independently.

Enrichment is appropriate for students who are on or above grade level and need more challenging work.

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