6000 Laurel-Bowie Road, Suite 100-102Bowie MD 20715



6000 Laurel-Bowie Road, Suite 100-102Bowie MD 20715



How To Choose A Tutor In Bowie?

Choosing the right tutor in Bowie for your child can not only improve their academic performance but also increase their Confidence and self-esteem. To find that right fit, consider these following steps.

Talk To Your Child About How A Tutor Could Help

It is important that your child understands what a tutor does and how they could benefit from meeting with one. Getting them involved from the start can have a big impact in the long run.

Get Advice From Your Child’s Teacher And Other Parents

A teacher may know of a tutor that could be particularly good for your child, and other parents may have had positive or negative experiences with certain tutors–these kinds of primary resources can be invaluable.

Check Up On Potential Tutors’ Training And Experience

A great tutor will have credentials in the area that your child could benefit from support in. You should ask to see them as well as check on their references. Find out whether the tutor has experience with kids who are of a similar age to your child and who have similar needs, especially if your child has a learning disability or other types of needs.

Work With The Tutor And Your Child’s Teacher, If Possible, To Create A Plan

Have a plan with set goals to make sure that what your child is taught during their tutoring sessions will match what they are learning in school. Get the teacher and tutor to work together with you as much as is possible.

Observe One Or More Of The Tutoring Sessions

A tutoring session should be interactive and engaging. Look in on one of the sessions between your child and their tutor to find out if this is happening, keeping in mind that it could take eight or more sessions before a good rapport is developed between them.
The Math Enrichment Center can get you connected with a tutor in Bowie for whatever subject area your child needs some extra support in–contact us to get started.

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