About Us

Our Vision

Math Enrichment Tutor Center is committed to educate and inspire students of all ages to reach their full potential.

We strive to provide a quality educational center that impart the life of the learner, their families and communities alike.

Core Beliefs

We believe that every student can learn and excel given the appropriate academic support in a conducive environment with adequate resources.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Personalized Academic support to students in Kindergarten through College.

  • We encourage Academic excellence in all subjects.
  • We empower students to benchmark global standards.
  • We nurture students who contribute to their community and the world.
  • We support students to reach their goals with confidence, hard work and determination.
  • We partner with passionate Instructors who inspire their students to be the best.
  • We partner with parents and/or guardians to make informed decisions in education.

Core Values

We are Passionate:
We teach with passion. Our Instructors teach for more than a living. Find your passion; pursue it, personally and professionally (Steve Jobs)

We are Positive:
We create a warm, friendly, environment that is conducive for learning. We have no tolerance for violence, jesting or obscenities.

We stay Challenged:
We adopt creative and innovative ways to teach our subject matter. We avoid falling into a routine and understand that teaching continues until learning occurs.

We Learn and Discover:
As life long learners, we embrace new ideas .

We Mentor:
We recognize that informed decisions lead to productivity. We strive to live our life as an example for others. We are wise stewards of time, talent and resources.

We are Empowered:
We embrace hard work and challenges. We understand that responsibilities are opportunities for growth and we teach the same to our students.

We Have Fun:
We work and play hard. We make “fun” a part of our learning and teaching.