High School Tutoring

We have professional instructor-led courses in the following areas:

  • Math
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
  • Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • Language Arts
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Writing Skills
    • Vocabulary and Root Words

If your child needs assistance honing better study skills, stop in today to set them down a new path to success. Our individualized tutoring programs are the best way to cement strong study habits in your teens that will help them in college and beyond. Each student begins with an expansive academic evaluation that will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and show us where your child needs to improve.

Then, we tailor make an individualized program to be most beneficial to your child.

High school workload may be intimidating and difficult for some students fully comprehend. With added course-load and increased availability to extra-curricular activities, your teen may be having a difficult time with their time management and preparing for their classes. Strong study skills are the base of future success and it is never too late to hone strong study principles. Our tutoring programs are specifically designed to help your teen develop essential skills in organization, time management, research, and note-taking. We can assist them in keeping up with the new higher academic standards placed on them while preparing them for the independence of college. Our methods are proven to increase student achievement while boosting confidence and motivation to succeed.

We offer cost-effective tutoring programs in high school study skills to improve all aspects needed for success. These include time management, note taking, organization, and many others.

Finally entering high school seems exciting to most teens, but they are often unprepared for the rigors of the work assignments. Math classes get harder as they go and build on the knowledge gained in the previous class. Falling behind a little can lead to frustration. This could eventually spiral into bad grades and the possibility of failing the class. Many parents feel real anxiety when it comes to trying to help their child with math homework.
Relax parents… Math ETC is here to help! You no longer have to feel like you need all the answers to help your teen with math. We will work closely with you and provide the tutoring your teen needs to fully comprehend mathematical formulas and principles as they move from one level to the next. We will help your teen build a strong foundation of knowledge so that they enjoy future success. End their math struggles today!

Every Math ETC high school math tutoring program is geared towards the individual needs of your teen. There is a perfect program for them, whether they are trying to catch up or looking to get ahead. We do a comprehensive academic evaluation to start so that we can better assess their overall needs. It will pinpoint areas of strengths and weakness. We will then design a custom program that works at their learning speed. Our program helps with completing homework and practicing for tests and quizzes with customized tutoring sessions designed to give them the edge in confidence and ability.

If your high school student has difficulties balancing chemical equations or learning anatomy, Math ETC has highly trained tutors ready to help them perfect earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Our individualized tutoring programs are the perfect solution to reinforce what your teen is learning in the classroom. Beginning with a comprehensive academic evaluation pinpointing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, our professionals assist in test preparation, homework, and general understanding.

Math ETC for your High School Science Tutoring
Our propriety evaluation system allows us to quickly and efficiently understand your child’s developmental needs. We can then tailor-make a tutoring program to assist with strengthening their weaknesses while utilizing their abilities. Each student has a unique ability to succeed and at Math ETC, we are able to help them realize their full potential in a cost-saving time-efficient way. The unique atmosphere at Math ETC cultivates a strong relationship with your student and encourage achieving full potential.

High school students have to do a lot of reading. They are also required to quickly analyze and digest the information, providing feedback through tests, papers and quizzes about their comprehension skills. Your teen will need to pull the information out of the materials and provide the right feedback to succeed. The materials are much more difficult at this level. They are generally more scientific and literature based, which can leave your teen struggling with the sheer amount of completed work expected. Learning how to comprehend reading materials quickly will help them all throughout life. It is especially helpful for taking tests like the SAT and ACT for college entrance. Your teen will learn the skills necessary to be successful in college and with their chosen career using Math ETC high school reading tutoring.

Reading and reading comprehension skills that are necessary to do well in high school and beyond are developed in elementary and middle school years. They need to be able to read and comprehend a variety of subjects for a variety of reasons. Lacking these vital skills can set their learning back. Our high school reading tutoring can help them develop a firm foundation in reading.

Start your teen on the path to stronger critical reading and comprehension skills using our customized program. A Math ETC high school tutor will help teens that are falling behind or ones that want to stay a step ahead. We will complete a comprehensive academic evaluation to see where they are strongest and weakest. The program will be designed to meet their needs at their learning speed. Help your teen build confidence and feel successful.

Whether your child needs to brush up on writing fundamentals, or wants to take their writing skills to the next level, our individualized tutoring programs are the perfect solution to help your teen become a strong, effective writer. Beginning with a comprehensive academic evaluation pinpointing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, our professionals create an individualized tutoring program. By learning how to organize their thoughts and express themselves clearly, your student will become a better writer and editor.

Math ETC’s writing tutoring for high school level students helps your teens writing skills shine. Spelling, sentence structure, proper punctuation and learning how to compose the best written works are all a comprehensive part of the program. Our high school tutors will help improve skills like:

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar usage
  • Spelling
  • Process
  • Style
  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Poetry
  • Discovering author’s purpose

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