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9 Ways to Help Kids Focus

The world we live in today encourages multi-tasking, but there are some tasks such as studying that require 100% attention and the ability to tune out distractions. Children are naturally distracted easily, so they need to be taught how to focus. Here are a few tips on how to get children to focus while studying:

Paying Attention in Class

This is essential to learning and your child needs to know that they are expected to pay attention during class. Encourage this greatly.

Let Them Take Their Time

It is a part of a parent’s job to make sure their child isn’t rushing through their work. Encourage them to pause, take a breath and continue at their own pace.

Make Sure They Control Interruptions

Insisting that all electronics are off is the first step to a good study session, and your child will need some guidance from you with this tricky task.

Expect Them to Manage Temptations

Learning to say no is tough, but an essential tool for life. Ask your child to reward themselves only when they have accomplished a task, no matter how small.

Take Breaks

Depending on the age and maturity level of your child, taking breaks at set times is important to ensure that their focus is kept at an optimal level.

Do One Thing at A Time

When your child is first learning to study on their own, you may need to enforce the no multi tasking rule and follow up frequently to check that they are staying on task. Eventually as the child grows this will get easier.

Ask Them to Prioritize

Your child should determine which items are more urgent than others and which subjects need more time, so guide them if needed and make sure they stay on top of everything.

Help them Plan and Organize

Help them see the whole picture and create a realistic plan for the future by breaking down large projects or challenging subjects into smaller tasks.

Ask them to Assess

A child will need to learn what situations work best for their learning, so asking the right questions such as “When do you learn best?” will help guide them along.  

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