5 Fun Websites to Help Your Child Read


Helping your child learn doesn’t have to be a chore. Many parents express frustration when it comes to learning or study time but it can be fun for both parties. You just need the right tools and the right attitude.

Some of those tools can be a big help and give you a little break while ensuring your child is still learning. Here are 5 of the most effective and fun websites for helping your child learn to read:

Teach Your Monster to Read

This one is a favourite because in order to advance, your child has to perform proper phonics, blending, and reading. It even includes some tricky words, when the student is ready. It’s a really fun and engaging game which will keep your child coming back for more. They will want to progress through the magical land, meaning they will have to learn the skills required to move on.

Story Online

One of the best ways to help your child to read is to simply read stories with them, why not let your child read a story with their favourite celebrity? This is exactly what your child gets to do with this fun website! The best part is all that’s required is to sit back and relax, which makes it a perfect bedtime activity.

Reading Bear

This is a great website that focuses on blending. Blending is taking the individual sounds of letters and forming words with those sounds. Blending is the foundation of reading and it’s essential to getting the more complex words. This website is magical in the way it provides activities, guidance and even very clear video demonstrations for blending.


A fun and engaging game where enjoyable characters help your child learn to read. It’s a very progressive game starting with phonics and going all the way up to short stories.

Letters and Sound

This is a great primary resource tool with lots of printable activities for phonics, blending and reading. It’s has very distinct phases so it’s easy to setup and monitor progress.

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